Your dreams are only yours and there is nothing wrong if they stay only dreams

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30. januara 2018.
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2. februara 2018.

Your dreams are only yours and there is nothing wrong if they stay only dreams

First years of world economy crisis I have been recruited by companies few times to do process optimization and downsizing for them. There were few hundreds of employees made redundant during that period and I saw their faces in person. They were afraid for the future of their families, mad about the fact that they have been chosen to leave and sad because they have linked their personality to their employment. I have spent some time with them to talk about their options and what would be the best way to invest their severance pay. What ever I have done did not change a lot, they have lost their dreams and they have remained sad. Few years I was surrounded with sad people.

Two years ago I started thinking about doing something that is linked only with happiness.   I was researching what makes people instantly happy and I found out that we change our emotions the moment we arrive to a celebration which fits us. I have started to develop a web portal that will connect all celebrations that people in this area celebrate. I was playing with it and I was so happy. Design and marketing team from Infomedia helped me to build very fancy portal with pages linked with birth and all days following it, all religious celebration we have, all celebrations linked with education, weddings, business and sport events. Everyone who was listening to me said that it is great idea and when saw it said that it is wonderful but…..

Behind every dream there should be business plan to transfer dream to idea which is feasible. I did it but I was not objective. The core of the business should be advertising of products and services people need for those celebrations. I haven’t been thinking about the fact that I am not an expert in advertising neither in sales. I only had a dream.

I have assumed that my children will share this dream with me. I did not ask them anything when it started to develop it into a business idea. I have expected that they will welcome it. I know that my daughter is great content writer and that my son is interested in graphic design but they did not have same dream as me, because  they have their own. There was plan that we have 2-4 content writers and minimum five sales people by the end of 2017. I was thinking about looking for some young people suggested by my daughter who would like working on such project. Again I assumed that somebody else will do something about my dream.It was the big mistake. I still remember something my daughter said to me: „Mam how do you expect me to be committed to something that is your dream and I do not see your 100% commitment?“. Striking reality, I am committed to my other, real business.  As time went by I lost an interest. I am thinking now what to do with it: freeze it till I have enough time to commit 100% or sell it to someone who like to earn money by sharing the happiness and have door to door sales skills that I do not.

I know who I am! I am HR expert and I am great in this. There is nothing I can do to make people less sad when they are fired but I found the way to make their and my life easier doing it with human touch. That makes me happy and this is only thing I can do. We are owners of our happiness, nobody else is.

If you have chosen wrong dream to come true, be bold, think big and start again with the one that can transfer into the feasible  idea and become your dream work.