To be the leader is not an easy job

How to become HR manager
20. marta 2018.

To be the leader is not an easy job

I can bet that most managers who really care about their people want to know prescription for been the right leader for them. As Aretha Franklin sing “All I’m askin’ Is for a little respect”. Respect your people and they will respect you.

First things first

It is the job of a leader to know what it the number one priority, so set your priorities and sticking to them. They are there to be changed only in special circumstances. Your team will be thankful for that.

Good things for everyone, bad things for your eyes only

Maybe people do not like to be compared with kids when they are adults but the best way to describe behavior of the team when prizing is in question is parent and kid relation. Good parents never punish their kids in front of others but when they want to commend them they do it loud and most of the time in front of the crowd of people. It is the best way, prize your people and make it loud, couch them behind closed doors.

There are smarter people than you

You have chosen your people because they are making your team complete with their personality, knowledge and skills. Use it as a benefit, ask them for an opinion, proposal or solution, and give them freedom to make decisions in their area of expertise.

Respect work- life balance

People are just people sometimes, understand that they have their family. If you do some small things for them when they are in the need, they will remember it forever. Push for more when it is needed, but when you see that you have some space, let them go to pick up a kid from kindergarten earlier than they usually do. Ask them about their kids, and remember their names.

Everybody need some fairness in life

Discrimination is a murderer of relations.  Avoid having favorite employee, be objective and treat everyone with equality above all. In good and bad, show your leadership. It is in human nature to like or dislike some people, but in the business, when making decisions, all of them should be the same.


When somebody make mistake, is it under-performance or something else happened? Listen before you act. Try to walk in other’s shoes. Next time people will come to you for help before they make mistake.