Think about priorities

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Onboarding is management responsibility
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Think about priorities

Lot of dos on our schedule, especially important once in short time interrupt our concentration. Prioritization is crucial here. It is something that we have to practice. It is OK to know your goals but the most important are those which produce a healthy outcome for the business.

Which ones matter the most? What are the time frames? If some of goals are linked than you have to know proper steps how to come up to long-term goals from short one. When you come up to three to five focus on them.

The way you delegated part of your goals to subordinates, some of yours are important to your boss so be in line and maybe there have to be some changes in priorities, handle this inter-personally. Don’t be smug. You have to be sensitive to the priorities the boss is giving you. Use your business savvy and interpersonal skills to try to exert influence, but don’t destroy the relationship. Learn to say NO or if you take some of those know whom to you will delegate them and give to your subordinates new challenges and responsibilities.

Those who have not read „One Minute Manager meets the Monkey“ book by Blanchard and having these problems, I suggest to read it and learn how to handle these issues.

The book, for those of you not familiar with it, is about treating all of your tasks as if they were „monkeys“, some of them you need to take care of personally but that most of them need to be given to others for feeding. As such, they are still your monkeys and as such you need to make sure that they are well fed by the ones you delegated to. And, it is your monkey until the task is done.