There are people better than us

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There are people better than us

During my career I have been involved in selecting lot of candidates for department of my peers. Some of those were stars, great potential, much higher than my peers and me were. I use to follow their careers and stay in contact with them, talk about their next steps. There were times I wanted to recruit them for another employer and one of the questions they have been asked was what has made them so successful apart their potential. They came up with similar answers:

  1. It is important to be good at hiring the right people and putting them in the right jobs
  2. If someone wasn’t up to the job, move them out quickly, out or on the right job for them
  3. Planning delegating – develop people and then delegate your job to them

So leverage is in people not in better processes and organization!?

Therefore we should not fall short when it comes to hiring, developing, and promoting the best people. Don’t let time consumption for recruitment and selection disrupt us , take in consideration all great candidates not only those that gut tell you to, if there is no great talent, continue the search. Do not forget what we want and need from candidate and how the position will evolve in time, so take in consideration candidates who can grow with position and company too and adapt to changing markets.

Common blockage of recruiting managers is being afraid to hire people better than themselves but we should do precisely that. Lot of middle managers are asking themselves what will happen if they recruit strong and capable people, what if they give them big responsibilities where their talents outshine them.

It is pretty risky to let someone be better than you in today’s world, where companies need regular inflow of new skills. Reluctance to employ people with any capabilities you lack will compromise the company’s performance and your own. Try to walk away from such behavior. Do not be scared to recruit people with skills beyond your own, stars for your team, and your own capacity and ability to deliver results will expand.