The job you like

15. februara 2018.
Change of the corporate culture
19. februara 2018.

The job you like

It is not important to get a job, more important is to go for THE JOB you will like. 

The moment I see spark in the eyes of the candidate while speaking about those things he/she would do in first few months if they get the opportunity I know that I want them in the company. I have spent some time with those candidates after they have started working. All of them said the same thing: „I wanted that job because I like doing it.“ Some of them are still working in same company  and some of them left only for better position in same business area. 

For those who are looking for the first job I would suggest:

  • try volunteering during your study and when you finish make a list of pros and cons about the job – every year different job
  • form a group of students and look for some interesting projects to apply for –  as many as possible – analyse them and prepare project report
  • write an essay about your dream job and how to make it real
  • read what knowledge and skills are needed for the dream job and try to get them as many as possible

If you are committed to make your dream come true you will get THE JOB offer.