Strength from Diversity

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20. februara 2018.
HR audit
22. februara 2018.

Strength from Diversity

What is company culture and why it is important for both sides, employer and employees I will tell you from simple example.

About 16 years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina it was hard to work on whole territory because¬†tensions between the three nationalities who lived there were still strong. Company which I have joined decided to come and one of the first things they have introduced was their guiding principles and one of them is „Strength from Diversity“.

At the beginning it meant¬† it is „forbidden“ to discriminate and we „had to“ send cards to our colleagues when they have celebrated their religious holidays. After less than a year we were ambassadors of our guiding principles and we were explaining to our clients and suppliers that all of us should live like that.

Now, when we all working in different companies, we are still in contact, we now who we are and we still send birthday and religious holiday cards to each other. Good Company culture can tear down the walls among people!!!

This company culture helped me to grow, to be open minded, to have enterprising spirit and to be free but responsible during my career. After this experience I was so surprised how some companies does not value diversity, they are regional but do not cooperate within the group. It is pity because diversity gives us more opportunities, solutions, views etc.


I can tell that my past employer still has same guiding principles and working all around the world.