One of the trends in HR in 2018 – Go Digital

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One of the trends in HR in 2018 – Go Digital

One of the trends in HR in 2018 – Go Digital. We came up to the point that with digitalization of HR processes we effectively lowering their costs.

HR professionals did not complain when they got ERP databases that gave us more time to manage people and less to write employee legally required documents manually. Now, when we have Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools, they are bit afraid for their jobs. Recruitment processes are already shorter and cheaper but also giving us better fit candidates.

HR has to be in line with the business and has to go digital. HR databases have to be user friendly and employees should be able to  easily submit their leave and claims, track performance, track reward and benefits, ask HR related questions etc. We, as HR managers, should develop our skills as all other managers in the business and go beyond administrative part of HR processes. Our future is in enabling business, been closer to our employees and getting better in people planning.

In total, our future job is to make a better workplace for all.