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13. marta 2018.
How to become HR manager
20. marta 2018.

One interesting HR tool

All HR professionals are looking for better IT solutions for measuring of people job satisfaction and engagement, or evaluation of performance and development needs. Depending on business scope, industry and company size it is important if tool is applicable for blue and/or white collars, small/huge companies and what would be the price for such service.

I have met a lot of options but the first one where employees are involved in process more than in any other was QC tool  The biggest difference is the point that employees are involved from the beginning. They are the ones who are proposing what statements should be evaluated and pointing what areas of the business are considered as positive and where the changes are necessary. Results can be analyzed per region, department, gender or any other prescribed factor. I like it because you can get results very fast so it can be used for smaller projects, e.g. product launch panel groups.

This tool is pretty flexible regarding company size and industry type, and if we talk about the price it depends of involvement of the company representatives, number of employees and how many measuring per Year Company is planning. Therefore I would recommend you to try the tool especially if you planning to work on employee engagement.