Onboarding is management responsibility

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Onboarding is management responsibility

We all know that recruitment, hiring and training requires an investment of time, energy and money from all but most important role of a manager begins when employees sign contracts with onboarding process. New hires deciding if they will commit to the company and stay on board in their first few critical months.  The transition from new hire to engaged and accountable team member depends from the amount of energy managers put into supporting them.

Company culture

Driving straight in the new world is very important to new hires, so managers must help introducing them with the company culture. Make them present on every meeting/project related to their job. Introduce them with people so they learn behaviors that are the norm in your company.

Mentoring period

It is not enough to spend few hours and go for lunch with new hire first day of their work. Better option is to celebrate with lunch after few month of successful onboarding together with other mentors involved in the process. Knowing their own responsibility from the first day of their job will help them to align actual experience and their expectations after expiry of mentoring period.

Follow through and evaluate

It is not only on those new hires to know their own job duties and responsibilities, other team members have to know them too so they are all on the safe side in understanding who is who and how to work on goals together. New hires feel free to ask and their team members are ok with answering.

After first month formal feedback with new hire provide insights about the work they’ve done, give them a sense of how they’ve performed based on expectations and what are their development areas for future period.