HR in hospitality industry in Serbia

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8. marta 2018.
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HR in hospitality industry in Serbia

As all other industries in Serbia, hospitality is not resilient to employee issues. Here are some issues HR managers in hospitality are fighting against:



Hospitality industry in Serbia is in development stage due to fresh investments coming in the country and lack of respectable hotels in the country. It is very hard to set wages and salaries based on local rates because there are only few 5 stars hotels and because people easily getting jobs abroad so it has to be done according to regional market rates and compared to rates from countries that people going to. Some hospitality employees earn much of their extra income through tips but some not what making problem more complicated.



Misuse, or the loss of goods, has become an issue for many hotels and restaurants in different forms. Unreported misuse, such as providing free drinks to friends, often top the list of causes of disciplinary processes in hospitality. Therefore it is important to have candidate police record prescreening and proper misuse policy in place.


Turnover and retention

Due to the fact that newly open hotels looking for experienced candidates’ turnover in hospitality is huge especially because they are offering international career and competitive salary. HR can propose incentives or in-house professional development programs to increase retention.



HR has to have job descriptions described in detail so that new hires and veteran workers are clear about their duties and responsibilities, which is not the case. Recruiters from all around the world can hire guest workers for seasonal employment from our region that makes our market with relatively high turnover rates more complicated for local recruiters. Even finding candidates with the skills to succeed in entry-level positions has become an issue. It is known that skill gaps and worker shortages are huge problem on management position. Recruitment companies are often contracted for lover positions with obligatory background checks on job candidates to reduce the high theft rate.


When we have high turnover training is a problem so new recruits often start working before learning how to do the job properly which brings us up to the situation that service is now questionable. Promotions in hospitality industry is often premature because employees moving into managerial positions before they’re ready due to turnover on managerial positions. That is huge problem because only well-trained managers can best develop first-line employees.



Lack of training, unskilled colleagues, understaffing, stress and bad pay causing low morale that has a large impact on service standards, which can endanger the reputation of a hotel and eventually erode business.



HR manager has to ensure that businesses understand and comply with employment and other laws related to employees. Jobs in hospitality are often hazardous so all employees have to follow safety codes. There should be zero-tolerance policies on discrimination and harassment which will help HR investigates misconduct claims and recommends disciplinary action or dismissal, if necessary.