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26. februara 2018.
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28. februara 2018.

HR and cloud technology

If you are regional or global company your employees are all over the world and you need to make information accessible so it is the big value of having HR services in a cloud-based management system.

User friendly and cloud-based database with employee information allow Employees easy access and it puts personnel information into their hands. Wouldn’t it be easier that they update personal data directly through their employee account?

I know that in some countries employer has to check and valuate if data is correct but it would be easier if employee fill the data in and then send original documents to HR who will validate them in the system.

Time-Keeping model is changing day by day from paper one, access cards, time-keeping software or now just logging to their computer. Employees now can easily enter data and deliver sick leave to responsible person or get annual leave approval from their line managers which will be directly imported into database.

Performance and development management processes are done through skype or zoom and followed through with digitized PM&DM system.

Even Benefits management system is now much easier, employees can enter data, print their pay slips and get all necessary data when there is a change in the system so they are informed. To be in line that they got all necessary data, there are lot of data they have to sign off.

Training delivery and assessment of required knowledge is one of the first that was tested so employers are going far more implementing gamification in this process, so cloud is the best option for this part of HR management too.

There is a question of data protection which all companies have to consider on one side but on another side companies are more protected from data loss because they are backed up to multiple servers in various locations to ensure that nothing gets lost in the event of an equipment malfunction.