Fresh body and healthy mind

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5. februara 2018.
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Fresh body and healthy mind

In age of stress one of the challenges for HR role is to coach employees and management to prevent burnout . What are the main reasons for burnout?

Burnout is the chronic state of being out of sync with some aspect of your life, and the result is a loss of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. I would love to talk about burnout at work. There are few reasons for burnout and we should start coaching.

Overload vs overtime , work and life balance

  • think about why there is an overtime, is it because you are overloaded or it lack of time management
  • if you consider your work as a part of your life you will start to appreciate both of them more and you will start planning and prioritizing
  • ask for flexible working hours if it is applicable for your job
  • some companies have introduced company nursery for mothers – you can investigate what is needed to do it in your company and propose it to management
  • if you have spare room in the offices you can propose to management to have personal trainer hour and half before work and/or after work

Control freak with lack of control or control freak micromanaging

  • both options are dangerous for the person, so HR and/or his/her superior should spend some coaching hours or see if this person is not able to cope with the role
  • try to delegate and to promote freedom through responsibility
  • if you are not employed in company which has implemented employee development processes you should ask for training in areas where you feel it is necessary after or before promotion

Your values vs Company values

  • if company has its values and they do not fit with yours, you should not work there, leave
  • some company values are not stated but you can recognize them if you have spent some time there, do not try to change their values, if you can not live them leave

Unfair processes (eg nepotism)

  • if company has hidden agenda which you do not like you have two options, accept it or leave, embrace the change of yourself or environment, you do not have to treat people different but accept that others do
  • fairness in business is important but nobody can promise 100% , the only thing that you can do, promote fairness wherever is possible, build the change

Reward system

  • have your tangible and intangible benefits been communicated to you
  • check if there are other employee costs following your position like: insurance, annual medical check etc.
  • after downsizing we have to work more for less but you have to know that it can not be long term strategy so be part of the change, investigate and propose optimization of processes, work for yourself
  • have you investigated what is a fair reward for the position in the market

If you do not start to change your physical health and mental well-being will likely deteriorate. Do not wait for HR or your superior to do all for you, involve!!!