Onboarding is management responsibility
6. marta 2018.
Business fairy godmother
8. marta 2018.


“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter

Last few years I am living surrounded with hospitals, sick people that I love and pain but also with hope, smiles, and people rising up from the ashes as Phoenixes. Illness is a great teacher when you start learning on time. Look around yourself and you will find out what matters. If you understand yourself and listen your body you will find out what do you need to get better.

If we start thinking about our business as our body and soul than failure is not an option because we want to live. When you are sick you go to doctor and you get prescription what to do to get better. Same thing is happening with our company, it is living organism. Viruses are all around us, but if we are prepared and change our performance on time we will be ready for fighting them, or we will have prepared cure if we get infected.

There are times when we need to keep low, reorganize, optimize, grasp what we need to stand up and start running again. It is OK, as long as we do it consciously. Use that time to accumulate energy, get as much new skills and knowledge and build network for new adventures. Find smarter people than you and talk to them, probably they have some good ideas. Check what your mistakes were in past period and try to learn from them. Some things you did well, so find out where are your strengths and arm yourself with them. When you are ready, steady, go!!!

It is not failure to fail it is only if you do not stand up.