Customize your information flow

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28. februara 2018.
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2. marta 2018.

Customize your information flow

Do you have optimized information flow? How much time you spend on preparing yours and reading reports of your subordinates? How much time you spend on reading you e-mails? If you stop reading your e-mails on your mobile phone after-hours, how much will you increase your overtime?

Before I started working for one of my employers I did project on them with report showing lack of proper internal information flow. Few years after I started working for them and they did not do anything to change that although they knew it is causing decreased productivity, higher stress, and chronic irritability.

It is important to decide on a proper source, content and way of communication with all stakeholders. Everything is possible now, use of dashboards is routine. But now, we have too many reports to read, so we have to do data mining (IT can help you) and make consolidated reports, have to decide what is important to know, and how frequently that information should come to us.

This will free up our time, and that of everyone involved in creating the reports. Our employees should not Cc to us all their reports, we have to make them accountable.