Change of the corporate culture

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16. februara 2018.
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20. februara 2018.

Change of the corporate culture

Companies are changing and growing and task of HR managers is to manage change of company corporate culture smoothly. All the time corporate culture has to stay positive, so prevention of negative energy about changes is crucial.

HR is included in selection of people when they are employed. In the period of the change there should be done another selection-who can live the change in the company.

So first, management has to know what will be their culture and company values. When company is modeling culture and values there is no copy-paste model and it is important to spend some time on building it properly because it will be the first sign of planned changes.

When new culture and values defined they should be properly communicated.

Before the change in company start, employee development evaluation process should be done because company has to know who will live with the change and who will consider new, changed, company as toxic place to work. If there is a result that some employees will not be able to change their behaviors and will consider company as hostile environment it is important to do the feedback and consider mutual termination of the contract because their future in the company would not bring anything good to him/her neither to the company.

When change starts it is important that management show by example that there is zero tolerance for destructive behavior that undermines the culture, that they are rewarding commitment and that they embrace the change.

Studies have proven that people who feel fulfilled and appreciated at work tend to be healthier and happier overall. They’re also more productive and creative at work, which boosts the company bottom line. So all those who embraced the change should have opportunity to be involved in change process. Changes are inevitable, so be ready for them with proper company culture and values.